the pharaoh's bee - Allen Ravenstine

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Total Running Time - 51:12

Source: Digital studio

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Catalog: Hearpen HR182
the pharaoh's bee 3:11 [preview]
painted desert 3:32
night in august 4:41
pond 5:30
Full Moon 3:01
star crossed 11:29
dragonfly 3:11
high noon broad channel 3:13
bug's ear 3:30
dry bones 3:51
turk 4:02
chased by a shadow (bonus track) 2:08

Download file size: 236MB

These are Apple Lossless MPEG-4 audio files (m4a). Import into iTunes or similar. In theory what you hear is what came from Allen's studio.

Description: This is Pere Ubu synthesizer Allen Ravenstine's first solo album, recorded in 2015. He played the Moog Theremini and a Doepfer Dark Energy. William Blakeney helped produce and master the recordings.

An extensive set of liner notes is included as a PDF file.

Recordings and artwork ©2015 Allen Ravenstine. All rights reserved.

Encoding method: Apple Lossless.
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