18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest - David Thomas and two pale boys

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Total Running Time - approx 45 minutes

Source: Digital studio multitracks

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Catalog: Hearpen HR180
New Orleans Fuzz 3:25 [preview]
Numbers Man 4:36 [preview]
Little Sister 3:10 [preview]
Habeas Corpus 4:29
Brunswick Parking Lot 5:53
Nebraska Alcohol Abuse 6:16
Sad Eyed Lowlands 5:21
Golden Surf 4:31
Prepare for the End 7:09

Download file size: 92.7MB

These are MP3 format audio files encoded with the alt-preset modifications in LAME 3.99.5. Lyrics are included in each file's metadata.

Description: This is the 2014 David Thomas remix of the original 2004 multitracks. Tracks were cleaned up, some modifications made and David's current mix methodology used. Nothing was added in terms of new recordings. Some elements not used in the original mix were re-introduced.

'18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest' is the companion album to Pere Ubu's Carnival of Souls. 18M completes the first cycle of 2pbs albums and is a lynchpin between the 2pbs and Pere Ubu projex. The Chinese Whispers methodology had been tested and was ready for its final stage of implementation, which was going to be within the Pere Ubu structure. The stories and characters, as well as musical ideas, were taken up again for COS and, for that reason, 18M provides key elements of the backstory and is essential to the 'getting' of COS.

More details can be found on the ubuprojex.com release page.

There is a download single of out-takes from the 18M session that are available at a special price from hearpen.com

David Thomas vocals, melodeon, musette
Keith Moliné guitar, electronics, bass, violin
Andy Diagram trumpet, electronics

Artwork by John Thompson.

Recordings and artwork ©2014 Ubu Projex. All rights reserved.

Encoding method: LAME 3.99.5.
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