More Places Forever - David Thomas and the Pedestrians

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Total Running Time - approx 36 minutes

Source: Album Masters

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Catalog: Hearpen HR179
Through the Magnifying Glass 2:58 [preview]
Enthusiastic 4:31 [preview]
Whale Head King 5:48 [preview]
Song of the Bailing Man 4:44
Big Breezy Day 3:22
The Farmer's Wife 4:42
New Broom 4:19
About True Friends 3:44

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These are ACC (iTunes Plus) format audio files. Lyrics are included in each file's metadata.

Description: This is the second revision of the original 1985 release. The original mix for vinyl release in 1985 suffered from lack of time and distractions. It was remixed at Suma in 1996 with the radical approach that David Thomas had originally planned for. A less than good post-production process, hurried again, caused Thomas to re-visit the various mixes in April 2014. All mixes were examined and, in some cases, edits were made or alternate mixes chosen. The audio was re-EQed by Paul Hamann and attention given to the post-production processing. This is the way it was supposed to sound. Lyrics are also available from the website. More details can be found on the release page.

David Thomas vocals
Lindsay Cooper alto sax, bassoon, sopranino, oboe, piano, tuba, organ
Tony Maimone bass, piano
Chris Cutler drums

A PDF of liner notes is included in the download.

Artwork by Mary Thomas.

Recordings and artwork ©2014 Ubu Projex. All rights reserved.

Encoding method: AAC via Mastered for iTunes droplet.
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