Coal Tattoo - The Kidney Brothers

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Total Running Time - 1:01:37

Source: Studio Recording

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Catalog: Hearpen HR173
Jimmy Bell 5:52 preview
Outlaw Blues 4:51 preview
Roughhouse 7:45 preview
You Don't Love Me 3:54
Thief 4:31
Coal Tattoo 5:19
Somebody Shot Him 6:49
Heavy Rain 7:23
Wild River 4:30
That's Alright 5:46
Who Do You Love? 4:56

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Description: Produced by David Thomas and recorded at Suma in 1998, the release languished in no man's land for more than a decade for various boring reasons. It is finally coming out on Chris Cutler's ReR Records label as a cd April 1 2013.

In 1998, the Kidney Brothers were featured performers at Thomas' Disastodrome festival at the South Bank Centre in London. Grown men wept. Women embraced David in thanks for bringing them. It was a powerful performance by two of the mainstays in the mythical 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band). This recording, made later in the year, captures the power.

"Without 15-60-75 and/or The Kidney Brothers, there would have been no David Thomas," Thomas says. "The Cle music scene would have been pointless."

The Inward City by 15-60-75, produced by David Thomas, is available from Ubutique on cd.

Robert Kidney - vocals, guitar
Jack Kidney - vocals, harmonica, tenor sax, percussion, keyboards

All songs by Robert Kidney (The Brothers of Water Street Music Publishing), except 'Somebody Shot Him' by John Kidney (The Brothers of Water Street Music Publishing), 'Jimmy Bell' by Cat Iron, 'Outlaw Blues' by Bob Dylan (Sony Music Entertainment), 'You Don't Love Me' by Bo Diddley (Steeple Top Music), 'That's Alight' by Jimmy Rogers (Ace Music Corp), and 'Who Do You Love?' by Bo Diddley (Steeple Top Music).

A PDF of liner notes is included in the download.

Recording and artwork ©2013 Voice of Shade. All rights reserved.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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