A Warning To All Strangers - Tripod Jimmie

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Total Running Time - 35:24

Source: Virgin Vinyl Transfer

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Catalog: Hearpen HR161
This Little Pill (3:19)  preview
Famous Dogs (3:11)  preview
My Mojo's On Fire (1:58)  preview
Tommy Very Bad (3:08)
Long Walk Off A Short Pier (3:37)
Bald Electrician (3:18)
Ramona (3:03)
Something To Worry About (3:42)
Scent Of Danger (3:27)
Broke Again (3:38)
Solace In The Bottle (3:03)
Total download file size: 82.3MB

Description: Released in 1986 this album, the second of Tom Herman's post-Pere Ubu "solo" albums has been out of print for decades now. Recently Paul Hamann at Suma digitally transfered and mastered a virgin vinyl copy of the album.

Tripod Jimmie:
Lennie Bove
Tom Herman
Glenn Reynolds

Trouser Press said:
"With better production and playing, A Warning to All Strangers organizes the trio's music into a concise attack that occasionally resembles the Minutemen. As diverse as it is emotionally intense, this anxiety-ridden collection (song titles are given under the heading "List of Worries") lurches from a barking contest to a James Brown funk breakdown to gibberish without skipping a groove. Over the rhythm section's propulsive chug, Herman's thrusting guitar chords and edgily confident shout-singing emboldens the bizarrely fascinating lyrics, making Tripod Jimmie's concerns seem very real and urgent."

Original credits:
Acoustic guitar by Boo Reiner
Recorded at Dave Wellhausen Studios
Engineered by Mikey Razor
Live sound by Bill Lackey
Management by Cece Weeks
Photo by Mik Mellen

Original release: All Ball Records AB1 1986

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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