Winter Comes Home - David Thomas & His Legs

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Total Running Time - 46:54

Source: Virgin Vinyl Transfer

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Catalog: Hearpen HR160
A Day Such As This (5:50)   preview
West Side Story (5:49)   preview
Stormy Weather (9:33)   preview
Rhapsody In Pink (13:38)
Petrified (12:04)
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Description: This album has been out of print for decades now - the master tapes were lost long ago. Recently Paul Hamann at Suma digitally transfered and mastered a virgin vinyl copy of the album. The original liner notes follow:

"A figure of Rhetoric whereby the speaker expresses MORE THAN THE TRUTH, in order to produce a vivid impression; hence, an exaggeration." Encyclopedia Brittannica, 1950

Is hyperbole man's best Rhetorical friend?

This album, WINTER COMES HOME, includes vocal arrangements of the songs:
A Day Such As This
West Side Story
Stormy Weather
as well as ensemble performances, introductions, theatrical moments & musical commentary.

Lindsay Cooper played the Bassoon, Oboe, Sopranino & alto saxophones.
Chris Cutler played drums & flotsam.
Maggie Thomas engineered & Mixed the concert sound.
Marcus May provided logistical support.

The concert was recorded on December 11th 1982 at the Hirschwirt, a restaurant in the town of ERDING, North-East of München, West Germany, on a good quality cassette tape machine using a stereo microphone system mounted in a headset. Listening to this album through stereo headphones stimulates the aural experience of standing in the audience.

Jon Jacobs worked wonders re-mastering the original. The record was cut & pressed by NIMBUS, Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, using their S.A.M. process (45 rpm cutting for optimum level & fidelity).

The album jacket was designed by Mary Thomas. The hand lettering was done by Chris Cutler. The liner notes were written by David Thomas.

A large, articulated wooden model of a Pterosaur is produced from the wings during the performance of Petrified. It was designed, carved & constructed by Mary Thomas.


THE FERN is an event of Winter Weather in Switzerland & Bavaria. Several days of mounting atmospheric pressure produce headache & lethargy among humans. A new front shreds this mountain of air pressure. New, cold air & a snowfall freshen the atmosphere & invigorate the humans.

Two Dance/Marches are demonstrated during the performance of Stormy Weather.

a) Make fists, point the elbows outward, put on a face like thunder, & march importantly back & forth while singing, 'Da dada da da da da da Daa.' The shoulders need to rock up & down but the elbows are locked. This approximates the storm that can be seen marching in from the North Sea & across the Low Countries.
b) To imitate the Winter Storm That sweeps down from Canada & across the lake, point the elbows outward, spread the fingers, & roll the hands at the wrist in a quick but synchronised motion, like the surf breaking on a beach. This Dance/March is accented with a bobbing of the head. At appropriate moments the body needs to stop, shake the head, &, while slack-jawed, say, 'Brrr.'

Thanks finally to Mark Kostura, Nick Hobbs, Lynne Thomas, Adam Kidron & Steve Montgomery for their support of the various DTL projects.

Original release in 1983 by Re: Records on license from Hearpen as Re:dtlp.

A Day Such As This, West Side Story, Stormy Weather and Petrified written by Fier - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas - Thompson, published by Ubu Projex / Cherry Red Songs. Rhapsody In Pink written by Krauss - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas - Thompson, published by Ubu Projex.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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