I Remember Mars - David Thomas and two pale boys

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Total Running Time - 1:31

Source: Digital live recording

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Catalog: Hearpen HR153
Obsession (6:35)   preview
Nobody Knows (10:27)   preview
Red Sky (7:33)   preview
Variations on Can't Help Falling In Love (5:04)
Nowheresville (9:42)
Fire (7:31)
Kathleen (12:07)
Surfer Girl / Around The Fire (12:22)
Montana (6:26)
Life Of Riley (5:10)
Weird Cornfields (8:03)
Total download file size: 111.3MB

Description: Recorded at The Paradiso, Amsterdam, November 24 1996, during the promotional tour for EREWHON. A special night, more than an hour and 45 minutes (but the DAT tape runs out after "Weird Cornfields"). Soundman was Colin McLean.

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David Thomas and two pale boys:
David Thomas vocals, melodeon
Keith Moliné guitar
Andy Diagram trumpet

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Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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