In The Court Of The Rhythm King - Pere Ubu

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Total Running Time - 79:14

Source: Metal oxide Band Cassette

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Catalog: Hearpen HR146
Modern Dance 4:01
Miss You 4:56   preview
Rhythm King 4:58   preview
Talk To Me 3:57   preview
Something's Gotta Give 5:57
Laughing 5:13
Final Solution 6:03
Over My Head 6:46
We Have The Technology 4:51
Caligari's Mirror 3:39
Dream The Moon 3:47
Humor Me 3:07
On The Surface 2:37
The Hollow Earth 4:33
Universal Vibration 3:43
Say Goodbye 5:37
Say Goodbye (Bogarts) 5:29
Download file size: 182.6MB

Description: Recorded May 5 1988 at the Effenaar, Eindhoven, at the end of a long European tour promoting The Tenement Year. By this point in the tour the set had evolved into fluid and often seamless transitions. Arrangements were loose and often improvisational. The source is a metal oxide band cassette recorded at the mix desk. The first side runs out in the 1st chorus of "We Have The Technology" but our soundman was very quick on the changeover and there's only a couple measures missing, necessitating a cheap and cheerful tape edit. This is essentially the entire show as it went down with the exception of a false start to "The Hollow Earth" and the subsequent "time splicing" stage routine used to cover over such train wrecks. And speaking of train wrecks, the last encore, "Say Goodbye," sports a doozie of one in the last verse. However the cassette used to record the show had been previously used to record a show at Bogart's, Cincinnati, 10/25/87, and sitting there at the end of the Effenaar recording was "Say Goodbye" so it has been added as a bonus track just to show we were capable of playing the thing. Soundman was Joachim Schweiger, who was the regular Ubu soundman for most of this era.

Pere Ubu, v.5.0:
David Thomas: vocals, commie horn, melodeon, trombone
Jim Jones: guitar
Allen Ravenstine: EML synthesizers
Tony Maimone: bass
Chris Cutler: drums
Scott Krauss: drums

Set List: Nonalignment Pact, Modern Dance, Miss You, Rhythm King, Talk To Me, Something's Gotta Give, Laughing, Final Solution, Over My Head, We Have The Technology, Caligari's Mirror, Dream The Moon, Humor Me. Encores: On The Surface, The Hollow Earth, Universal Vibration, Say Goodbye.

Modern Dance, Laughing, Over My Head, Caligari's Mirror, Humor Me, and On The Surface written by Herman - Krauss - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas. Published by Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music.
Miss You, Rhythm King, Talk To Me, Something's Gotta Give, We Have The Technology, Dream The Moon, The Hollow Earth, Universal Vibration and Say Goodbye written by Cutler - Jones - Krauss - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas. Published by Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music.
Final Solution written by Bell - Herman - Krauss - Laughner - Taylor - Thomas - Wright. Published by Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music.

Original art design by Alexandre Horne, webmaster of Pere Ubu Radio. This link will load a PDF file of printable artwork into your browser.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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