David Thomas & The Accordion Club

Cover of The Accordion Club
Total Running Time - 53:48

Source: Fan & band cassette.

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Catalog: Hearpen HR135

Whale Head King 7:32  preview
The Big Breezy Day 3:46  preview
Tortured Young Artiste 1:14  preview
Song Of The Bailing Man 3:39
Big Dreams 2:14
New Broom 5:44
The Egg And I 6:51
Rhapsody In Pink 14:34
New Broom 4:47
A Day At The Botanical Gardens 3:27
Download file size: 100.3MB

Description: This is the original Accordion Club (v.1.0). It made one tour of Germany and Austria, 7 dates, in December 1985. In the Accordion Club were English folk supremo melodeonist John Kirkpatrick and English prog-rock drummer, and future Ubu, Chris Cutler. John was touring heavily with Richard Thompson at the time and scheduling problems between the three meant the band never played together again.

David Thomas notes:
"This was a wonderful band and the Germans were nuts about it. I remember very clearly a night in Munich - we finished the show, went backstage and the audience was going ape. 'We weren't THAT good!' I said. 'Must have been the accordion drove 'em nuts!'"

Tracks 1 to 6 were recorded December 10 1985 at Soxs, Hannover, Germany. The source is a band cassette. Tracks 7 to 10 were recorded December 18 1985 at Schoene Aussichten, Hamburg, Germany. The source is a fan cassette - the audio quality is not as good but the performances, being from the last show, rather than the first, are better.

Rhapsody In Pink followed on from New Broom but the tape ran out in the middle and then tape glitches spoiled the very end. Still nearly 15 minutes of it survives and it is a wonderful version of that routine.

David Thomas - vocals, percussion
John Kirkpatrick - melodeon, vocals
Chris Cutler - drums

Artwork: Original art design by Alexandre Horne, webmaster of Pere Ubu Radio. This link will load a PDF file of printable artwork into your browser.

Hannover Set List: Pedestrian Walk, Whale Head King, The Big Breezy Day, The Egg And I, Rhapsody In Pink, Tortured Young Artiste, Song Of The Bailing Man, Big Dreams, New Broom, Street Waves, A Day At The Botanical Gardens, Sloop John B (1st encore) and Street Waves #2 (2nd encore).

Whale Head King, The Big Breezy Day, Song Of The Bailing Man, and New Broom written by Cooper - Cutler - Maimone - Thomas, published by Hearpen Music / Arcades Music.
Tortured Young Artiste and A Day At The Botanical Gardens written by Thomas, published by Hearpen, administered by Bug Music.
The Egg And I written by Fier - Thomas, published by Warner Music / Bug Music.
Rhapsody In Pink written by Krauss - Maimone - Ravenstine - Thomas - Thompson, published by Ubu Projex, administered by Bug Music.
Big Dreams written by Moxham - Thomas, published by Bug Music / Incomplete Music.

Encoding method: Joint Stereo, High Q, VBR-Best.

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