A Map Only Tells Me What I Already Know - David Thomas and two pale boys

Cover of A Map Only Tells Me
Total Running Time - 1:02:44

Source: Minidisk recorded thru mix desk.

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Catalog: Hearpen HR134
Black Coffee Dawn 5:51  preview
Night Driving (Utrecht) 6:43  preview
Lost Nation Road (Utrecht) 9:45  preview
River 7:13
Night Driving (Zurich) 4:44
Life Of Riley 5:16
Wasteland 8:13
Lost Nation Road (Zurich) 7:07
Nonalignment Pact 2:54
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo 4:58
Download file size: 148.2MB

Description: Produced by Keith Moliné who also devised the artwork. He notes, "2pbs shows are always comprised of at least 50% spontaneously generated music. For a tour David may focus on a particular set of song lyrics that allow him to weave an unfolding narrative monologue into the set, but the settings that Andy and I provide for the songs will be different every time. Sometimes they don't work. Sometimes it's a car crash. Often it's spectacular. In 2001 Andy and I decided to record these improvised songs from the mixing desk as a means of getting ideas for new studio material. As it turned out, when we started work on the next 2pbs album (18 Monkeys), we went off in other directions and the 2001 jams languished in obscurity. Here are the best of them compiled. Let's call it the great lost 2pbs live album.

2001 was a weird year. At times our star would seem to be in the ascendant - Surf's Up was reviewed widely and enthusiastically, we did some high-profile gigs in prestigious venues, Mirror Man was revived and expanded for a tour - but at other times less so, like when we had to endure the disregard/derision/revulsion of Sisters Of Mercy fans when we were invited by Andrew Eldritch to support the Goth overlords for a few shows. On the European tour - from which all these tracks are sourced - I seem to remember David had a bad back, which rather darkened his mood, and by extension everyone else's. Perhaps because of all this we hit an incredibly bleak and intense stylistic seam, and we mined that baby right through to the last song of the tour. That last song, a one-off version of "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," is included here. It may start off all goofy, but it'll soon wipe that smile off your face."

Black Coffee Dawn and River were recorded on Sep 5 2001 at the Manufaktur, Schorndorf, Germany. Night Driving (Utrecht) and Lost Nation Road (Utrecht) were recorded on Sep 16 2001 at Ekko, Utrecht, Holland. Night Driving (Zurich), Life Of Riley and Lost Nation Road (Zurich) were recorded on Sep 9 2001 at Moods, Zurich, Switzerland. Wasteland, Nonalignment Pact, and Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo were recorded on Sep 19 2001, at the Patronaat, Haarlem.

David Thomas - vocals, musette, melodeon
Andy Diagram - trumpet through electronics (looper, delay, whammy pedal, distortion)
Keith Moliné - guitar through electronics (guitar-synth and multi-fx), samples
Dids - live sound

Artwork: This link will load a PDF file of printable artwork into your browser.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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