The Art Of Talking - Pere Ubu

Cover of Art Of Talking
Total Running Time - 38:53

Source: Digital transfer of original vinyl.

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Catalog: Hearpen HR133
Misery Goats 2:37  preview
Modern Dance 3:03  preview
Small Was Fast 3:09  preview
Horses 2:40
Go 3:01
Caligari's Mirror 3:37
Codex 3:37
Ubu Dance Party 3:39
Big Ed's Used Farms 2:39
Real World 2:33
Birdies 2:33
Navvy 2:33
Humor Me 2:39
Lonesome Cowboy Dave 3:59
Download file size: 82.2MB

Description: Possibly recorded 2/22/81 in Krefeld, Germany. Originally released as the bootleg The Art Of Talking on Raven Records RV81261. Lonesome Cowboy Dave was probably recorded at the same session but was originally released on a Spanish bootleg with several other bands, including John Cale and Bow Wow Wow.

Encoding method: Joint Stereo, High Q, VBR-Best, Filtered.
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