U-Men Live At Interstate Mall - Pere Ubu

Cover of U-Men
Total Running Time - 40:22

Source: Virgin copy of original vinyl

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Catalog: Hearpen HR131
Heart Of Darkness 4:42  preview
Heaven 3:08  preview
Modern Dance 3:47  preview
Drinking Wine Spodyody 3:33
Humor Me 2:50
I Will Wait 1:39
Real World 4:04
My Dark Ages 5:34
Sentimental Journey 8:46
Life Stinks 2:19
Download File Size: 76.4MB

Description: A semi-approved bootleg. Original covers were promo jackets of Patti Smith's Horses album pasted over with printed pieces of paper front and back. Probably recorded in 1978 and mostly at Pirate's Cove. "I Will Wait" was recorded at the Homestead Theater. No other details are remembered. Released on Tri-City Records in 1979. The label on Side 1 reads "X-Mas Concert At Interstate Mall." The label on Side 2 reads "Live At Club Wow." (For the record, there was no such place as Interstate Mall, or Club Wow, for that matter.)

Cover of AOT This same bootleg was re-booted, unofficially, as Don't Expect Art (Impossible Recordworks IMP1-07) in 1980. "Don't Expect Art" was an Ubu Communex injunction of the day so the source of the re-boot was probably also a fan.

Song titles on both releases were disguised, undoubtedly an effort to avoid detection by the bootleg police.

David Thomas - vocals, musette, percussion
Tom Herman - guitar
Allen Ravenstine - EML synthesizers, tapes
Tony Maimone - bass
Scott Krauss - drums

Encoding method: Joint Stereo, High Q, VBR-Best, Filtered.
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