Paradiso July 14 1991 (Part 2) - Pere Ubu

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Total Running Time - 58:53

Source: Professional Cassette

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Catalog: Hearpen HR130
Bus Called Happiness (3:52)  preview
Heaven (4:09) preview
George Had A Hat / Pushin Too Hard (7:07)
Nonalignment Pact (3:10)
Life Of Riley (3:24)  preview
Wine Dark Sparks (4:43)
Modern Dance (3:12)
We Have The Technology (3:05)
Humor Me (2:58)
Over My Head (6:05)
Real World (5:50)
Misery Goats (4:16)
Waiting For Mary (4:13)
Cry Cry Cry (2:49)
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Description: Second half of the set from the Paradiso, Amsterdam, on July 14 1991. Source: Very Good Professional Cassette. The band played 31 songs this night. A very rare performance, about 2 hours worth. For the record the final two songs have been left off because David, thinking they'd "over-stayed their welcome," stops Like A Rolling Stone before it really gets started and then sends the band into a somewhat rushed Street Waves to end. Otherwise it's Pere Ubu having a great time and in fine form.

David Thomas - vocals and musette
Jim Jones - guitar
Eric Drew Feldman - synthesizers
Tony Maimone - bass, guitar
Scott Krauss - drums

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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