The Incredible Truth b/w Long Walk Home - Foreign Bodies

Jones self-portrait
Total Running Time - 5:04

Source: Virgin Vinyl
(Transfered at Suma)

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Catalog: Hearpen HR127

The Incredible Truth (2:32) File Size: 5.8MB  preview
Long Walk Home (2:32) File Size: 5.8MB  preview
Download file size: 12.2MB

Description: The Jim Jones single from 1980 recorded with the Pere Ubu soundman from the early years, Pat Ryan. Released as Bizart Gak 1.

Note that "Long Walk Home" has some significant distortion. Whether this was completely intentional is doubtful but all original tapes from the session are lost. This was copied from virgin vinyl. If some day a better version is found it will be substituted, as is our policy.

Credits: Songs written by Jones - Ryan. Published by Hearpen Music.

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