Wait For It - Tom Herman

Total Running Time - 52:46

Source: CD

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Catalog: Hearpen HR125
300 Years (3:13)  preview
Jack Something (3:22)  preview
I'm Drowning (3:11)  preview
Red Haired Girl (6:13)
Your Street (5:55)
Veil of Separation (4:03)
Slim (3:58)
Hey (2:58)
I Do Now (4:31)
It's Not The Way It Seems (5:08)
When I'm Gone (4:10)
Jesus (6:04)

Description: Finally, after all those years, Pere Ubu's noisy guitarist, Tom Herman has a solo album. Of course, it's an eclectic blend of songs from the opening "300 Years," a tribute to the working class folk tradition, to "Jesus," a Blind Lemon Jefferson spiritual. Along the way, there's a guitar collage (Red Haired Girl), an amped-up dance number (Your Street) and plenty of Rock and Roll.

Band: Tom Herman played all instruments except for drums on When I'm Gone and Hey which were played by Steve Mehlman and on I Do Now which were played by Nate. As well, Linda Herman sang on Your Street and Lennie Bove sang and played guitar on Veil Of Separation.

Credits: All songs written by Tom Herman except Veil Of Separation which was written by Herman-Bove, It's Not The Way It Seems which was written by Tom and Linda Herman, and Jesus which was written by Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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