Petit Ubu - Pere Ubu

Total Running Time - 38:15

Source: DAT

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Catalog: Hearpen HR124
Modern Dance (KCRW) (2:43)  preview
Worlds In Collision (KCRW) (2:50)  preview
Over The Moon (KCRW - acapella) (0:52)  preview
Final Solution (KCRW) (3:47)
Pushin Too Hard (WNYC) (3:45)
Busman's Honeymoon (WNYC) (2:59)
Friends Of Stone (WNYC) (2:54)
We Have The Technology (WNYC) (3:14)
What Happened To Me (WNYC) (3:42)
Kathleen (WNYC) (3:49)
Coffee Train (WNYC) (2:39)
Down By The River II (WFMU) (4:03)
Time Catches Up (WFMU) (0:58)
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Description: In 1991 and 1993 Jim Jones and David Thomas toured radio stations promoting Worlds In Collision and Story Of My Life with live, on air performances. Sometimes they were joined by other members of the band. "Time Catches Up," the bonus track, is an improvisation from the idea book David used to carry around. Two songs would later be realized from it: Obsession and SAD.TXT.

David Thomas - vocals, melodeon
Jim Jones - acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Eric Drew Feldman - piano
Scott Krauss - percussion

KCRW - Recorded June 14 1991 at the KCRW studio, Santa Monica CA. Engineered by Bob Carlson. Host Deirdre O'Donoghue, "Snap." Features Eric Drew Feldman on piano.

WNYC - Recorded September 12 1991 at the WNYC studio, New York City. Produced by Ed Haber. Engineered by Spyder Blue Rider. Features Eric Drew Feldman on piano and Scott Krauss on percussion. Over The Moon was recorded July 17 1991. Engineered by Ed Haber.

WFMU - Recorded July 28 1993 at the WFMU studio, E. Orange NJ. Engineered by Irene Trudel. Host Nicholas Hill, "The Music Faucet."

Encoding method: Joint Stereo, Encode High Q, Std VBR@Best Q, filtered.
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