Turpentine b/w Petrified - Pere Ubu

ubu in italy
Total Running Time - 17:03

Source: DAT

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Catalog: Hearpen HR122
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Petrified (13:48)  Preview for 30 seconds: preview
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Description: Turpentine recorded Dec 2006 to Jan 2007 for a Kevin Coyne Tribute album that seems to have run out of steam. Produced by David Thomas. It has not been previously released. Petrified is an out-take from Apocalypse Now with a long spoken intro and much talking. Recorded live at Shuba's in Chicago on Dec 7 1991. It may have been previously released on a Knitting Factory compilation but we are unsure.

Band for Turpentine:
David Thomas - vocals
Keith Moliné - guitar
Robert Wheeler - EML synthesizer & theremin
Andy DIagram - trumpet
Michele Temple - bass
Steve Mehlman - drums

Band for Petrified:
David Thomas - vocals
Jim Jones - guitar
Eric Drew Feldman - piano
Tony Maimone - bass
Scott Krauss - drums

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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