The Shape Of Things - Pere Ubu

Cover of The Shape Of Things

Total Running Time - 1:07:45

Source: Hearpen cd release.

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Catalog: Hearpen HR113

Heart Of Darkness 7:48 17.9 MB preview
Cloud 149 3:20 7.6 MB preview
Gone Gone Gone 5:38 12.9 MB preview
30 Seconds Over Tokyo 8:59 20.6 MB
Life Stinks 2:30 5.8 MB
Final Solution 6:41 15.3 MB
Pushin Too Hard 5:57 13.7 MB
The Way She Looks 5:15 12.1 MB
Doris Day Sings 5:16 12.1 MB
Can't Believe It 2:39 6.1 MB
I Wanna Be Your Dog 4:51 11.1 MB
Heroin 8:56 20.5 MB

Description: Released by Hearpen on cd in October 2000. Check this link for more details. The technical audio quality is fan bootleg. It was recorded on a cassette, probably by Jim Jones who can be heard talking during the show a la Max's Kansas City. His "Te deum / Te deum / Tedium" routine is charming.

David Thomas - vocals, harp
Peter Laughner - guitar, vocals, bass
Tom Herman - guitar, bass
Tim Wright - bass, guitar
Dave Taylor - EML synthesizer, Ace Tone organ
Scott Krauss - drums

Artwork: This link will load a PDF file of printable artwork into your browser.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320.

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