Here In The Life b/w It's In Imagination - 15-60-75

R Kidney drawing
Total Running Time - 8:20

Source: Studio Recording

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Catalog: Hearpen HR108
Here In The Life (3:36)  preview
It's In Imagination (4:44)  preview

Description: A remix of the original Hearpen release from 1979 by the same band line-up that recorded the magnificent Jimmy Bell's Still In Town. Produced by David Thomas. Engineered by Paul Hamann at Suma. Link to the Numbers Band website.

Other releases on Jimmy Bell's Still In Town (1975), Nobody's John b/w Behind Your Eyes (1980) and The Inward City (2009).

David Robinson - drums
Bart Johnson - bass
Robert Kidney - vocals, guitar
Jack Kidney - tenor sax
Terry Hynde - alto sax
Tim Maglione - baritone and tenor sax

Credits: Songs written by Robert Kidney. Published by Brothers of Water St. Music, BMI.

Encoding method: Interleaved, 44.1, High Q, CBR@320, Filtered.
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